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Frogsmart.com believes that reliability can be reasonably priced. We offer some of the best rates in the industry while still serving pages very quickly. (Before your customers get bored and go to another website.)

We keep our bandwidth clear and unsaturated to ensure fast downloads.

Some advantages of our network:

  • Streaming-optimized for videos and animation.
  • High-speed clear-channel architecture for fast connections.
  • Redundant connectivity to multiple backbone services to ensure connections.
  • All connections to our main servers are T3 pipes or faster.

Our servers and websites run 100% on software that has either been developed in-house or released under Open Source licensing. Our servers can be constantly optimized for both speed and reliability.

Because we have full source code, all our software can be updated, customized, or "cloned" in-house as needed. We don't rely on any third-party proprietary software that may become unsupported, "broken up," or attached to overly restrictive licenses.

We use multiple collocation facilities and are constantly updating our network topology to take advantage of the most reliable and competitively priced backbone connectivity available.

At Frogsmart.com, we have a philosophy of always looking to the future with open minds and creativity. We expect to offer many new services and improvements for many years to come.

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