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FrogSmart.com offers two levels of Business Packages: Basic and Enhanced.

Whichever Business Package you pick, Frogsmart can design your Website with fast-loading, low-bandwidth 3D graphics that are easy to update. We put reliability and portability first. Our fast, efficient equipment is backed up with redundant internet trunks, battery backup and emergency power generators, and we make sure we've got a high level of redundancy.

Creating a solid foundation under a Website is not only more important than gratuitously overloading it with the showiest and most recently released bells and whistles, it also puts you ahead of much of the competition. A big part of that foundation is letting you access your Website from any computer or browser, so that if you're away from home, you can take care of business matters efficiently, 24/7, without delay.

Most importantly, a FrogSmart.com Business Package can offer you the most valuable thing on the Internet - visitors!

Frogsmart.com offers a complete set of comprehensive services , tailored to meet your needs. Check out our standard packages, but if you don't see what you need, please feel free to click Custom Package and let us know what you want to do.