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Frogsmart.com's E-Commerce Package, which is our basic SSL account, is designed for small businesses that want to accept credit cards from their customers.

Here at FrogSmart, we take security very seriously, because credit card fraud and other forms of identity theft are extremely serious issues that we never want our customers to have to face. The average "secure server" is not as secure as you may think: too many people can log onto them. However, in addition to the server hosting our clients' Websites, FrogSmart has a truly secure server dedicated to credit cards, to which we, and only we, have programming access.

Our E-Commerce Package differs from our Business Packages in that we incorporate our Shopping Cart into the design of your Website. With the Shopping Cart, you have the option of processing the credit card numbers on your own, or having a third-party processor do the work. Our proprietary LL database, on which the Shopping Cart is based, will hold all the information about your customers you wish to keep on record... securely. And that's an assurance you can pass on to your customers.

Our Shopping Cart also lets you "upsell" easily. If a customer buys one item in a set, then calls back to order the remaining items, his or her name, address, credit card number, and other information that you recorded during the initial purchase are within easy reach for you, or for the employees you trust with confidential information. No other shopping cart service we've come across to date offers you this service.

And our Shopping Cart, unlike most of the shopping carts out there, doesn't require that your customers' Web browsers have cookies enabled and JavaScript turned on. An estimated 7-15% of Websurfers turn off cookies and/or JavaScript to defeat popups, speed up their browsers, or for security reasons. That's a sophisticated clientele you don't want to lose.

For a reasonable added cost, FrogSmart.com can help you design an E-Commerce Website you can easily update, and even include with fast-loading, low-bandwidth 3D graphics. We put reliability and portability first: creating a solid foundation under a Website is not only more important than gratuitously overloading it with the showiest and most recently released bells and whistles, it also puts you ahead of much of the competition, who may lose their customers due to increased browser crashes or "Plugin Not Installed."

For your E-Commerce site, a large part of establishing a solid foundation should be a providing reliable Shopping Cart designed to fit your business's unique needs. Another large part is letting you access your Website from any computer or browser, so that if you're away from home, you can take care of business matters 24/7, without delays, efficiently.

The FrogSmart.com E-Commerce Package includes the following benefits:

  • 250MB of disk space;
  • 5GB per month of high burstable traffic;
  • No automatic ads cluttering up your site
  • Your own domain name - that is, a Website ending in .com, .net, .biz, or .org - that you can access via the World Wide Web;
  • POP email account, including the address anyone@yourdomain.com (if you want your own domain, which you can hang onto for life);
  • Additional addresses that can also be forwarded to your other, already-existing accounts;
  • Unlimited FTP access, with fast and easy uploads;
  • Personalized technical advice by phone on a wide variety of issues, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • 24-hour monitoring;
  • Our Shopping Cart ;
  • You can use our secure SSL server for collecting credit card information and either submitting it to a third-party processor, or processing it yourself; and
  • Use of our SSL certificate or, alternatively, we can get you your own certificate issued by Thawte.

The complete price for this package is $34.95 per month, plus a $24.95 setup fee for registering your domain.

The monthly and setup fees combined are less than what some other hosting companies charge just for domains, including registration. And you'll be able to keep your domain for life.* We're more than willing to help you find and register the domain name of your choice and set up your site.

*You need only to pay to renew your domain, whether through us or through any registry of your choice.